Raw Cotton Fabrics

Raw Cotton Fabrics

Number Duck

Constructed with coarser and often at times with plied yarns. #12 Duck is the lightest (11.5 Oz./sq.yd) and #1 Duck is the heaviest (26 Oz./sq.yd).

"Single Fill" Duck!!

Also known as "Ounce Ducks". Usually has single yarns running in the warp and the fill direction of the fabric. A versatile general purpose cloth.

Army Duck

A fairly lightweight, but with a tight/smooth weave. Mostly used for manufacturing camping tents, tipis, boat covers, etc.

Sheeting & Print Cloth

Plain weave fabrics, having a flat construction (eg., 60x60) and usually not over 5 Oz./sq.yd. A very popular choice for generic end uses (upholstery, home textiles, etc.)

Twills, Sateens & Denims

A thick diagonal weave (usually at about 45 degrees) on one side of the cloth to prevent reduction in the fabric rip and tear.

Polycotton Fabric

Polyester-Cotton Blended fabrics - available as plain and twill weaves.